Personal Statement for Nursing

A personal statement is brief descriptions of one’s achievements, passion and drive in a particular field and it’s mainly included in a CV. The statement is meant to draw the attention of a prospective employer or a nursing admissions committee in case you are applying for a college and make their decision towards you favorable. The information provided should be relevant to the job you are applying for. The statement should be able to answer questions about your identity, what you can offer and your career aspirations.

How to begin a personal statement

The first thing is to start with a quick introduction about yourself. For example A highly qualified and zealous nurse with x years experience, currently looking for a x position to utilize my skills and enhance my career.

What to include in a personal statement for a nurse

Mention what inspired you into choosing nursing as your career

Highlight or explain the reason you specifically want to be a child, adult, learning disability or mental health nurse

Talk about the challenges you have come across and how your research and experience has enlightened you and helped you overcome the challenges.

Include the skills, value and attitude you posses that could make you stand out and be deemed to qualify for the job.

Mention any other qualification that could be relevant for the job or the admissions committee. Include your educational qualifications.

Writing about previous experiences

Highlight relevant experiences you might have had in the nursing field. Could be that you have worked in a hospital, GP practice or clinic before. Ideally the experiences should be obtained from a care environment.

Talk about what you have learnt from your experiences that is the challenges, frustrations and constraints you have come across and the skills you have obtained in the course of time that has come in handy into helping you get by all those challenges.

Depict some commitment and responsibility in the field by mentioning some voluntary activities you might have engaged in .Interpersonal skills and team work you gained in your past experiences. Mention hobbies and skills you might have acquired in your past experience that reveal something relevant and positive about you.

Accuracy is very vital in your CV. Show you understand every bit of the profession. Try as much as possible to avoid spelling and grammatical errors. Those mistakes are a complete turn of especially when relating to a professional.

What never to include in a personal statement

A void using clichés to explain yourself, for example most people are tempted to say that they joined a particular career because most of their family members are in it so they thought of following suit. Again don’t mention famous quotes from other people you may admire, what the employer needs is what you have to say not what was said by other people.

Don’t list achievements that are unnecessary to the job like saying you are a good hockey player and have won awards for it, unless of course you intend on explaining how that skill could be useful in your field.

When writing your personal statements for a nurse don’t use text languages (lol) or slang. Again in your writing do not be overly pretentious or wordy. It’s advisable to keep your statements simple and clear.