Nursing Personal Statement

Incoming college students with interests leaning towards a career in the medical profession have been searching online for tips on how to write a nursing personal statement. Although some may have had tips from family and friends who are registered nurses in their respective states, when they have their eyes on more than one university, they try to fit in the expectations associated with the academic institutions that they hope to take them in. But first, do you know what a nursing personal statement is?

What is a nursing personal statement?

A nursing personal statement is similar to a cover letter of application attached to the resume except that it tackles the applicant’s interest in a getting enrolled for a nursing course. Although some of these statements seem generic at first glance, most of these written statements sound like they are going for a residency nursing job in a hospital or clinic. Sounds a little too early sometimes. But it’s the mindset that occasionally does the trick.

Some of them may be containing statements like “I have always wanted to be a nurse” without elaborating the reasons behind such interest in the nursing profession. Those who knew better would rather rephrase this sentence into something personal and more attuned to the personal touch that they can apply in the earning a nursing degree.

What should not be included into the nursing personal statement?

While applicants are allowed to write down their personal life into the nursing personal statement, it should not outweigh the medical training and level of patient care that one applicant has earned, if any. Sometimes, it works since it would imply that they have reasons to strive hard and take their jobs seriously. But without much details about the skills earned in internship stints or insights from volunteer opportunities related to the nursing profession, universities will not have much academic basis to use in deciding whether to schedule these applicants or not for an interview.

What are these applicants supposed to put in the nursing personal statement?
Like the aforementioned internship stints, since this is the aspiring nursing student’s version of a resume submitted to universities, highlights in the volunteering stints should be noted. A couple of stories involving said person applying first aid skills learned from the classroom to the real world are highly recommended.

If there would be one paper where an applicant could get their future interviewee’s impression is by narrating how the skills earned made the applicant a better person as far as discovering the passion for nursing is concerned. First impressions last. Applicants that take pride in the careers they envisioned themselves to be. That vision can be supported by the pride in the experiences that harnessed his or her skills.

The road towards the nursing degree.

Sometimes the choice of university serves as a prelude to the kind of nursing profession that an applicant aspires for. But it should not let that applicant pressure him or her into choosing a specialization. There are still the basics that needed to be learned apart from practical skills learned in executing first aid treatment. Once an applicant takes these steps one at a time, he or she will discover an interest worth specializing for. And learning how to write a nursing personal statement serves as a prelude to writing professional goals that go with earning a nursing degree.