Facility management

Hello you just did another post/ paper for me and I wanted to directly hire you since you have a background in Healthcare ! Below is the assignment and it’s 400 words that are required. Given our textbook may be slow in uploading with this new learning system, you can choose any of this week’s Learning Objectives and write a paper on that, summarizing an article you find online and then having your personal thoughts. The learning objectives can be found by clicking Modules, in the Week 1 area, they are: Lesson Objectives: Discuss the nature of facilities management. Explain the role of the facilities manager. Compare functions in facility management described in the text to a healthcare setting. Discuss organizational models and leadership skills in the management of a healthcare facility. For any of the papers above you choose to write, you must have: ? 400+ words ? At least one source (the textbook is fine) ? APA 6th edition format